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Fox River Men’s Pool League Team Opening Availability;                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We still have one (1) open slot left for the Monday Night Men’s Pool League, and two (2) open slots left for the Wednesday Night Men’s Pool League. If anyone knows of a Bar that wants to get a team in, or an individual that wants to get on a team, our Monday Pool meeting will be Monday July 27, 2020, at Venture Inn, and our Wednesday Pool meeting will be Wednesday July 29th, 2020, at Venture Inn. Both meetings will start at 6:30 pm sharp. Bar owners are encouraged to come along with their team’s captains so that they stay informed as well. Any individuals that are not on a team but would like to shoot this year, you are welcome to contact a Bar, or Captain, to see if they have any openings for shooters. I know that there are three teams that are looking for at least one shooter, and one team that is looking for two. Additionally, anyone that may have five guys that want to shoot, but you don’t have a sponsor or bar to shoot for, contact one of our officers for more details on how to proceed. You need to do this quickly though as spots fill up fast.

Current Monday Night Teams and Captains:

Art’s Town Tap  (534-3778)         Captain – Tom Malo  (492-6724)

Bonnie & Betty’s (763-9935)        Captain – Phil Bourdo (210-1920)

Bubba’s Brickyard (716-0023)    Captain – Larry Staton (745-8267)

Chris’s USA (763-9968)                Captain – Matt Baker (758-4687)

Countryside Pub (767-9881)        Captain – Todd Peterson (210-4111)

Gabby’s Palace (763-4363)           Captain – Nash Kinnard (210-6391)

Hitch-n-Post (534-3888)               Captain – Dan Jinar (492-8715)

Honey Lake Inn (514-2777)          Captain – Marcous Avila (716-1160)

Jackson’s Hole (248-1995)           Captain – Jack Clausen (492-7418)

John’s Main Event (763-8863)    Captain – Max Manthei (404-8603)

Venture Inn (332-7941)                 Captain – Chad Graef (378-0707)

Monday Night Pool League Officers:

PresidentJosh Bourdo (903-3926)

Vice PresidentAndy Sonnichsen (210-9278)

Secretary/TreasurerPhil Bourdo (210-1920)


Current Wednesday Night Teams and Captains:

Bonnie & Betty’s (763-9935)          Captain – Phil Bourdo (210-1920)

Bubba’s Brickyard (716-0023)       Captain – Chris Matthews (206-8013)

Crazy Train Saloon (332-6009)     Captain – Troy McReynolds (994-3855)

Hitch-n-Post (534-3888)                 Captain – John Ermer (366-6349)

Honey Lake Inn (514-2777)             Captain – Randy Grisham (210-7473)

John’s Main Event (763-8863)       Captain – Kyle McKusker (210-0021)

Lucky Mojo’s (757-0111)                    Captain – Jack Kerkman (825-8383)

Twisted Spoke (332-7223)               Captain – Brian LeStarge (661-1903)

Venture Inn (332-7941)                    Captain – Dave Willick (492-3418)

1175 Sports Park (864-2373)           Captain – Brett Cadd (210-8682)

Wednesday Night Pool League Officers:

President Josh Bourdo (903-3926)

Vice PresidentJohn McCoy (620-1062)

Secretary/TreasurerPhil Bourdo (210-1920)


There are several other links on the right side of this page that will take you to local vendors that have contributed to and/or support our leagues as well. We encourage you to support them whenever possible. There are also links that will take you to our Monday and Wednesday Facebook pages as well.