Wednesday Nights

The all star tournament will be held on Wednesday April 1st, and will be played at the bar that wins the team tournament. The top regular shooter (75%) from each team is eligible to participate in the all star tournament. The top six (6) teams according to record, not divisions, are able to send two (2) shooters to participate. If your team’s top shooter is not able to make it, you can send an alternate shooter, but that person must be on your team, and must have qualified as a regular (75%) as well.

The Wednesday Pool League Banquet will be held on Saturday April 4th at 1175 Sports Park. There will be a tournament at the banquet again this year, first come first serve! Get with League President Josh Bourdo at 262-903-3926 to get your $5.00 paid.

Don’t dust ’em off, throw ’em out, or blow ’em up .… donate ’em!! Western Racine County Special Olympics (WRCSO), has a need for your old trophies, no matter the size, shape, or sport. Contact Frenchy at 262-210-2908 as he coordinates the donations with Donna McKusker (Kyle’s mom), the WRSCO Director.


Wednesday Night Pool League Officers
President: Josh Bourdo  262-903-3926
Vice-President: Randy Grisham 262-210-7473
Secretary/Treasurer: Phil Bourdo   262-210-1920