Wednesday Nights

There is a flyer on our Wednesday Night Pool League Facebook Page that has all the information for the WSPA Tournament on it. Also, here is the ‘link’ to get you to the WSPA website, which also has all the detailed information.  

Feel free to contact our League President, Josh Bourdo, at 262-903-3926 with questions. There are no walk-ins allowed for the 2019 WSPA State Championships, you MUST Pre-Register via these forms or on their website. Please note; If you want to get a team into this tournament, you do NOT have to enter your team as it is. You can get any five guys you want to get to shoot together, as long as all five guys are sanctioned WSPA.

Wednesday Night Pool League Officers
President: Josh Bourdo  262-903-3926
Vice-President: Randy Grisham 262-210-7473
Secretary/Treasurer: Phil Bourdo   262-210-1920